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Ultra Race Centerfeed Intake Manifold - K20A2 Style

$869.00 $912.00

Ultra Race Centerfeed Intake Manifold - K20A2 Style


Skunk2 Racing is proud to announce the next generation of high performance intake manifolds for the '02-'05 Civic Si and '02-'06 RSX/ RSX Type S, and/ or any swap using the K20A/ K20A2/ K20Z1/ K24A1 engines or cylinder heads has finally arrived!



The much anticipated Ultra Race Centerfeed Intake Manifold is the result of years worth of R&D and building upon the performance legacy of our Pro Series Intake Manifold. Using the latest in CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) software; Skunk2 Racing has created a three-piece modular design that allows for easy disassembly, porting, and plenum volume changes through the use of a removable plenum and optional plenum spacers. The result is a design that is less restrictive, yielding both torque and power gains well over many of the competitors.





Modular 3pc. Design w/ Removable Plenum

5.0L Plenum Volume**

90mm Throttle Body Flange - Std. 5.0L Ford Pattern

6.0” Tapered Hi-Velocity Runners

Raised 87mm Velocity Stacks

Generously Cast Runner Walls for Porting

Provisions Secondary Fuel Rail & Injectors

3 x 1/8” NPT and 3 x 1/4” NPT Accessory Ports

Hi-Grade Mounting Hardware

Thermal Gasket Included

Fits MOST Popular Chassis Configurations - Not Just Race Cars - See Notes



**Optional Billet Aluminum Plenum Spacers Available in 1L or 2L Sizes

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