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Wilwood Civic , Integra Drag set-up. Drilled Rotors


Forged Dynalite Front Drag Brake Kit (Hat)


Pistons: 4 Rotor Diameter:11.75 Caliper Mount:Lug Wheel Diameter: 15 Flange: Axle Offset: +0



FDL Front Drag Brake Kits (Hat) Description Drilled version



FDL Front Drag Brake Kits with Hats are drag racing’s most popular front brake kits. FDL kits are available for the popular Import car spindles or front struts used on four-wheel disc cars weighing up to 2,800 pounds, or rear drum brake equipped cars weighing up to 2,400 pounds. Forged billet FDL four piston calipers mount directly to the spindle with a bolt-on bracket. Forged Hats with direct mount steel rotors combine to provide an average weight savings of over 30 pounds compared to stock drum or disc brakes. Kits include attachment hardware, brake pads, and instructions.





Wilwood’s stainless steel braided Flexline Kits are manufactured to high quality standards and are available in various -3 styles. These premium grade flexline kits have been designed for application specific kits. They are available as an optional item when ordering your disc brake kits and include all the required fittings. Wilwood highly recommends using these top quality flexlines as replacement for the OE rubber hoses.




**Note 1. Kit may fit some 15" wheels. Check wheel clearance diagram in kit installation instructions before purchase.



This kit fits the following vehicles:

Acura EL 2001-2005 Honda Civic 1996 Honda Civic 2004

Acura Integra 1990-1996 Honda Civic 1996-1997 Honda Civic 2004-2005

Acura Integra 1997-2001 Honda Civic 1996-2000 Honda Civic 2005

Honda Civic 1990-2000 Honda Civic 1999-2000 Honda Civic del Sol 1994

Honda Civic 1992-1995 Honda Civic 2001-2003 Honda Civic del Sol 1995-1997

Honda Civic 1993-1995 Honda Civic 2002-2003 Honda Fit 2007-2011

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