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NRG Combo deal for 90's Nissan 3 Item Combo Deal.


NRG Steering Wheel Combo Deal.


90's Nissan 3 Item Combo Deal.

This is the NRG Combo Deal heres how it work you pick any three (3) of the items from the picture.


Only Get Three Items from this list for the Combo Deal. Call for other Cars or to get 4th item from the list. 509-987-5514


Call to order. 509-987-5514


Link to NRG Website for info and pictures.


Your Steering Wheel Pick from:


1.Single Strip Deep Dish ( Only $119.99 ) Priced ones.

2.Flat Bottom Series

3.Race Series



Your Quick Releases you can pick from:


1.Any 2.0 Version Quick Release ( No Neo-Chrome or Carbon Fiber )


Your Short Hubs you can pick from:


1. SRK-140H - Short Hub, for S13 S14 Nissan 240sx


2.90+ Nissan 200SX


3.89-97 Nissan 240SX (will not work with Hicas)


4.90+ Nissan 300ZX (will not work with Hicas)



5.93+ Nissan Altima


6. 89-98 Nissan Maxima


7. 87-90 Nissan Pulsar


8. 91-96 Nissan Sentra


Your Wheel Lock you can pick from:


1.SRK-101LB, Quick Lock Shine Black


2.SRK-101LS - Quick Lock Hub Silver


3.SRK-101MB, Quick Lock Matte Black


4.SRK-101RG, Quick Lock Rose Gold


Color of Quick Release 2.0ver , Style and Color of Steering Wheel?

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